ROJROVER Lai Zi brand women show mature and graceful oriental women's unique charm

In today's blossoming period, we can see all kinds of dazzling colors and gray and black balance, through the use of color, form a new perfect picture.


Women brand ROJROVER ( Levin posture ) from the market reaction has been extraordinary, its apparel targeted at mature career women 28-45 years old, simple, natural style of Europe and not only to maintain the original atmosphere and leisure, but also graceful and mature women show Oriental Hazy unique charm.

ROJROVER 莱姿品牌女装  展现东方女性成熟婉约的独特魅力

Simple design, fashion, career and leisure complement each other, the classic and the atmosphere. Fabrics (followed by Italy, France, Japan refined fabrics based style), and rigorous process, from the overall to the subtle show of urban business women elegant, elegant, free, subtle temperament.

The composition of this fabric is 100% cotton.Uniform fabrics are specially designed for the needs of workers.It can effectively clean, prevent pollution, protect the body from mechanical injury and harmful chemicals, thermal radiation burns, including protection, washing resistance, fungus and mildew resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and so on.

Cotton Uniform Fabric

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