Scrap Charms can also become crafts

Scrap Charms can also become crafts This morning, Changsha Copper Street Primary School held a unique green green carnival event. Hundreds of students actively participated in environmental art shows, bazaars for recycling items, and environmental protection arts and crafts displays.

"How much is this?" "Four." "It's so cheap, then I bought it." At the bazaar, he read the second grade cricket at Tongpu Street Elementary School, and spent 4 yuan to buy a silk scarf. He was going to send it. Give aunt. Zhen Huan said that the things sold were actually collected by the students themselves, such as unused pens, books, toys, clothes, and accessories. After the bazaar, they can find new masters. "And in the process, we also learned to cherish and rationalize the use of resources and cultivate the habit of not wasting."

Xiong Huahui, principal of Tongpu Street Elementary School in Changsha City, introduced that in order to promote the concept of “recycling economy” and cultivate students’ awareness of environmental protection, the school has been holding similar environmental green carnival activities for four consecutive years. The activity forms mainly include grades and clubs as the units, setting up stores and booths to collect idle or evicted items of the entire school. The bazaar sorts and organizes bazaars to display bazaars, and all bazaars are used to reward team members and provide assistance to poor students. Xiong Huahui believes that carrying out green environmental protection activities not only allows students to understand the importance of environmental protection, but also enhances their enthusiasm and hands-on capabilities. “Some of our students also reassembled waste materials collected to produce exquisite handicrafts.” .

This year's June 5 is the World Day for Environmental Protection. To further promote the concept of environmental protection, the Changsha Environmental Protection Bureau has launched the Environmental Day series of publicity activities. In the next few days, it will launch green rides, gift bags, and automobile exhaust. Air pollution control knowledge contest, environmental protection unit business department accepts people's complaints and other activities.

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