Small fresh lingerie style recommended your girl heart

Mature sexy underwear than the style, with a girl's heart MM, it may still be little fresh underwear make them more like, and the little fresh underwear is indeed a very cute and playful woman showing the side with Visual perception to men is not the same, then Xiaobian today recommended several small fresh underwear for you, like a small fresh sister paper Do not miss it!


Fresh yellow hit a fresh green, nature is full of fresh and pleasant, exquisite lace design adds a bit delicate feminine, and even the shoulder strap part of the elements have joined the lace, of course, is a sweet lady, good Gathering effect of course, can also help us shape the perfect chest shape, let us sexy and lovely.

小清新内衣款式推荐 萌化你的少女心

What color is summer? Of course, colorful! Well, this body of this underwear MM must be able to help us to express the taste of summer! Fresh and sweet tone pleasant, like the summer cold drink will give you a refreshing feeling, bright color system also allows us to feel better Oh!

小清新内衣款式推荐 萌化你的少女心

Pink color is always easy to bring people a sweet feeling, just like this underwear, chic tile prints without losing the fresh, three-dimensional rose embellishment adds a bit delicate taste, the same is very Little sweet little underwear, like the MM may defeat it! (Photo source: emotional secret underwear)

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