Small woman: a needle sewing a woman sexy curve

Small woman with exquisite, high-quality top lingerie wonderful presentation of women's graceful graceful line charm. She uses a meticulous design, sewing stitches sexy curves of women, but also sew littlewomen little lingerie selling the world underwear kingdom. All along, the little lady underwear brand has been sought after by the beauty of women, as their most beloved personal thing.


Small women underwear brand so that women's figure will not lose glory with the passage of time, after a long time, Mi lasting new, femininity shine, radiant! Guangzhou Little Women's underwear Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan's Little Women's Enterprise Group established in the mainland. Group company is located in Hsinchu Science Park in Taipei, covering more than 300 acres and employs more than 2,800 people. In the "rooted in Taiwan, embracing the Divine, the world's" business development, the women's enterprises continue to blaze a trail to innovate and advance with the times.


Small women's underwear business group is not only a supplier of women's underwear, but also successfully established "BUDIFO Treasure Island style", "LITTLE WOMAN little lady" and other internationally renowned underwear brand. At present, the Group's products include bras, panties, corsets, bathing suits, rhythm suits, pajamas, hosiery, maternity clothes, homewear, breastfeeding undergarments, etc., which are deeply loved by the majority of Amy people, Sexy atmosphere of quality, more addicted to women 窈 窕 posture, charming charm of cocoa, jumped into the underwear industry, a real fashion aircraft carrier.

Kids Towels are one of our main products. The Children's towel has Premium cotton construction and ultra soft, durable and absorbent. We choose the best grade A cotton as the material for Kids TowelFormaldehyde-free, Azo-free Dye. The Towel is produced from 100%  Cotton and gives a fresh and an alleviating feel after your everyday cleansing. The long lasting, high-quality fabric gets softer and fluffier after each wash. The collection feels smooth, comfortable and plush in addition to its attractive look. Our Designers created lots of different cute designs for those children's towel, all kids will love them and enjoy the cleansing!

Understand what makes a towel a good towel. For starters, towels for different purposes will benefit from different fabrics, whether they're for drying your body or drying your dishes. Things to keep in mind include:

  • Absorbency is created by maximizing surface area. Cotton towels are best for hands and bodies, while linen towels are best for dishes and glassware.
  • Terry is the most absorbent of all weaves. It is an ideal towel for hand and body drying as it is looped both sides, thus increasing its surface area.
  • Crash linen is a combination of linen, cotton and rayon that works really well for drying dishes. It helps to increase the evaporation rate.
  • Damask linen works really well for drying glasses and dishes where lint-free results matter.
  • Flax derived linen is super absorbent, and strong. It is naturally resistant to bacteria, won't leave lint on glassware, and absorbs 20 percent of its own weight in water.

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Kids Towel

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