Spring and summer 2015 Kasocha Fashion: Spring Garden

Unreal flowers, in different poses and with different expressions, each spit Fragrant fragrance, full of rich dreams like a sweet dream, there is no reason elegant tea fragrance diffuse in the garden. Flowers cover the eyes can not stop people fantasizing the infinite beauty of nature. Pale purple and natural to give the pinkish green gives a fantastic feeling, like a girl daydreaming beautiful and full of expectations, sweet colors and flowers of pink can always give the sweetest poetry to Describe the dream world.


The large floral print on the Imitation Knit fabric gives the A-line styling a more noble sense of art. Imitation hemp material also adds to the comfort of wearing, so this spring is more comfortable, elegant and pleasant.


Brilliant shiny satin brocade, is full of excitement and joy. It seems too prosperous this prosperous, Cassault 's designers decorated with shiny beads, so that the flowers shine like a star-like. Let the event of spring flowers bloom in full bloom, bringing a strong visual impact.


Transparent digital art root Eugen yarn digital printing, the main tone of malt yellow to show a school of sweet elegant style. Such as the flowers in full bloom in spring, full of vigor and vitality, to welcome a new chapter.

Sports Safety Vest

This kind of vest is used of the intellingent hydrophobic fabric which can draws sweat to the surface where it can evaporate, to keep your skin dry when the tempeature rises. This is why they are named sports safety vest. This garments also have the second option, "Reflective elastic webbing", you can wear them directly over your coat. Not only does our top of the range safety vest look great, it's a practical option too.

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