Taiwan embroidery new work "original • derived" "water fire" appeared in Shenzhen ICIF Winter Arts and Crafts Fair

On the morning of December 14, the 8th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo Winter Art & Crafts Fair opened in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

The 8th Winter ICIFE takes the theme of "Arts and Crafts, Quality of Life" for 4 days, focusing on arts and crafts, creative design and intangible cultural heritage accumulated since the previous ICIF, bringing together buyers and visitors Arts and crafts boutique feast.

As one of the 28 national embroidery Taiwan embroidery , also participated in this winter arts and crafts boutique exhibition. The exhibits are Mengli embroidery painting, embroidered clothing, cheongsam and other products, including the process of embroidery "original • derived", "water flame" are the new works for the first time to participate in such exhibitions, and to participate in the Chinese Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award Contest.

"Original • Derived" use of Taiwan's unique needlepoint method, with the real cocoons, in the process of innovation, the original plane embroidery, to the three-dimensional relief change. "Original" is the original state, the original memory like today also lurks in human subconscious. The concept of "original (derivative)" is an attempt to integrate the concepts of biology, art, embroidery, and searching for the origin of the original memory and matter as well as the initial thinking of the world. The "original-derivative" works, which embody embroidery as the carrier of the original form of art, are essentially evolved after the return of the traditional embroidery craft. Primitive energy is absorbed from the Earth and from the original cells to silkworm, cocoon, silk, embroidery, material, a new material derived from the parent material. However, the prototype is an original type, form or illustration, and is a model sample that serves as a basis for its later writing stage. Embroidery from the original energy cells (with full of grape embroidery performance), meridian life (with open bar performance), state silkworm (peristaltic winding around fat performance), trajectory silks (with slender brushed lines show), positive fruit Silkworm cocoons (real cocoon), the transformation of pupae (acupuncture and anti-acupuncture performance, pupae with Ying Ying dynamic wings) eventually reincarnation eggs.

Water flame, "and the fire in full bloom floats like a flower on the crescent of the breeze, as if it were a translucent fire breathing there, or meditating. In the season of fire, the "flame on water" is revived, the work is full and twists and turns. It seems to use a poem in dreams to light up the overflowing water in the flame and to use the burning water to extinguish the fire in its dedication. The water and the theme of fire are used in the same way and blended with embroidery, Maverick, sometimes two stitches superimposed on each other, brilliant.

"Original • derived" won the Chinese Arts and Crafts hundred flowers prize. It is reported that the Chinese Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award is the highest award in the arts and crafts industry in our country, with important industry leading role.


Traditional embroidery and modern art dance brilliant

The 7th Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industries Expo, co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture, State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Press and Publication Administration and Beijing Municipal People's Government, was held on December 19-23 as scheduled. This ICIF is the first grand gathering for international exchanges and cooperation in cultural and creative industries held after the 18th CPC National Congress. It is also a new gathering and overall appearance for all parties concerned in the Chinese cultural and creative industries during the major strategic period of building a powerful socialist culture. With the theme of "Cultural Integration of Science and Technology, Innovation and Leading Transformation", and taking the promotion of cultural industries as the pillar industries of the national economy, we will fully display the achievements of China's cultural system reform and cultural and technological innovation.

The main venue of this ICIF is located at China International Exhibition Center. At the same time, 14 branch clubs are set up in 20 exhibition venues in Beijing, and over 100 series of activities of major series are held. As the inheritance and innovation of cultural products, Taiwan embroidered Lin Xia works exhibition set up in the main exhibition of Arts and Crafts Pavilion, with the previous exhibitors is different, the Taiwan Embroidery works all kinds of high-definition handmade Monique Embroidery painting , In addition there are big shawls and embroidered clothing products. It is learned that the high-definition handmade Mongolian embroidery painting is a new product developed by Taiwan Embroidery in recent years. It differs from the existing Soviet and Xiang embroidery paintings in that it features a bright high-definition picture quality on the translucent tulle and then To the consumer's own calligraphy, painting, photography, works, is a creative interactive consumer novel embroidery. Embroidered characters embroidered "Helen", landscape embroidered "stream", landscape embroidery "Fuchun Mountain Residence" are new exhibitors, embroidered paintings lifelike, lifelike; landscape embroidery is naturally muddied, so that there is a viewer Immersive illusion.

Handmade embroidery big scarf "Flower World" works with flowers as the table, but to the world as is, full of mysterious black translucent silk chiffon, hand embroidery to mixed needles, plain needles, combined with Taiwan's unique pumping. La carved stitch method and the use of more than 200 kinds of colorful embroidery thread and become the world's colored flowers, fine Seiko embroidery, stitching neat, both sides, both positive and negative spearhead, the skills are superb. Composition of composition full, flowers and together, fragrant and not vulgar, colorful and not messy, just like a flower world sentient beings, floating in front.


In the selection of arts and crafts awards held by this year's Cultural and Creative Industries Expo, "Flower World" won the gold medal; the embroidery art "Original Derivatives" won the gold medal again just after the conclusion of Shenzhen ICIF; Its remarkable effect in publicity and display, design creation and creative products won the multi-affirmation from organizers and audience and won the "Best Show Award" of the 7th Beijing International Cultural and Creative Industries Fair.

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