Talk about the development of Chinese tea sets

Talk about the development of Chinese tea sets For modern people, common tea sets refer to teacups, teapots, teacups, teacups, saucers, tea trays, and other tea drinking utensils; they can also be divided into clay tea sets, porcelain tea sets, and lacquerware tea sets depending on the production materials and origin. , glass tea sets, metal tea sets and bamboo tea sets and other major categories.

In ancient times, the classification of tea sets was much richer. It can also be found in various ancient books: tea tripod, tea pot, tea mill, tea mill, tea pot, tea cabinet, tea press, tea pot, tea constitution, tea Cage, tea basket, tea plate, tea pot, tea ro, tea bag, tea scoop, teaspoon and so on. How many kinds of tea sets are there? According to "Yunxi Youyi", "Lu Yu made tea sets for 24 events." There are at least 24 kinds of ancient tea sets.

As for the tea utensils that people are using since ancient times, where did they come from? According to information, the word “tea set” first appeared in the Han Dynasty, and Wang Xi’s “Xiangyan” in the Western Han Dynasty had a saying of “Cooking tea, and having already covered it.” This is a historical reference to China’s earliest mention of “tea set”. In the Tang Dynasty, the word "tea set" was widely seen in Tang poems. For example, the Tang Dynasty poet Lu Guimeng, "Zongling Master", said: "Customers are allowed to open a few glasses, and hold a tea ceremony at the bidding day"; Bai Juyi "sleeping tea" Recalling Yang Tongzhou poetry, said: "This disposal of the rope bed, next to the tea wash."

For modern people, despite the fact that the types of tea sets in contact were not ancient, people did a lot of exploration on the use of tea utensils and the addition of cultural elements. For example, tea tea brewed by the familiar teapot has a special aroma; Jingdezhen teaware has added a variety of exquisite designs and added many cultural elements; in order to meet the fast-paced modern people, they often go out to live. Needed, people have produced many cups that are easy to carry and have thermal insulation. People can use them to keep the temperature unchanged within a few hours. Other advanced teacups, in addition to the insulation function, increase Can release trace elements beneficial to the human body, I believe that in the near future, there will be more features, higher cultural quality tea utensils.

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