Violet Home Textiles: Brand Agents Carefully Chosen

Home textiles as a brand agent is a shortcut for social entrepreneurs to invest and start a business. Starting a business under a fixed model, not only has the full support of the company headquarters, but also the deep infection of its brand culture, and it is not necessary to bear the investment risk. A good entrepreneurial choice. However, in this versatile franchise market, investors must polish their eyes and not regret their life for a short temptation. The home textile brand Violet, your loyal and intelligent partner, teaches you how to choose the home textile brand that suits your business. .

Understand the market

First, we must conduct a comprehensive survey of the market and choose the brand agent with the most market potential. First decide the brand you are preparing to represent according to the characteristics of the area you want to represent, including the degree of prosperity, people's income level, education level, and acceptance of fashion. Then make sure that you want to sell men's clothing, women's clothing or children's clothing (now there are more women's brands on the market, there is a lot of room to choose, the potential consumption power of the market is also larger, so most people will choose women's clothing); your target consumption age Which segment of the women is the layer (30-40 year old women have a strong spending power, so many big brands will target women of this age); what is the approximate price you can accept and so on. All of the above should be considered a very important and essential part of what you need to consider at the beginning, as this will directly affect whether you can profit from agency distribution.

In-depth understanding and exploration of the characteristics of the bedding products of different brands of culture

Carefully study the brand you will be representing, including its color, fabric, style, form and character. Whether its fabric is imported or domestically produced, whether it has characteristics, it will affect the popularity in the market. Whether to see if its style has characteristics, whether it is good to sell in the market, you need a franchisee to have a market-sensitive brain. Another place that is easily overlooked is a plate type of home textile, which determines the size of the home textile. The sleeve is one inch away from the shoulder, or one inch inward will directly affect the overall effect of the home textile, and often can determine the grade of a brand. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the brand of the agent has a better plate type. In addition, attention should be paid to taking into account regional differences. If you want to sell this textile in the north, the size of the plate must be large. Conversely, if it is to be sold in the south, the size of the plate should be small. Because the shape of the human body in the north is taller than that of the southerners, otherwise, the good home textiles have no desire for consumption for them - they can't be worn. Moreover, the weather is also a factor to consider. The northern winter is cold, they will need some thick and warm clothes, such as wallets, etc.; the winter in the south is not cool, they only need some thin sweaters. In addition, for the northern region, it is necessary to pay attention to the winter money, and the south should pay attention to the summer money. If the brand's home textiles are characterized by summer clothes, then it is suitable for sale in the south, and if winter clothes are the focus, then it is suitable for sale in the north. Otherwise, it will directly affect the sales of home textiles. Also, what is the competitive brand that you will face with this brand, you need to analyze it carefully.

Consider whether it matches the agency brand requirements

To understand the specific requirements of this brand for agents. Many brands, in view of their own image, will require agents to set up stores or counters on specific bustling sections, and often stipulate that the company is directly responsible for the decoration design of the storefront image, or that the design drawings are responsible for the decoration. In addition, there is a problem with the exchange rate. Usually, if the agent can achieve zero replacement rate, the home textile company will give the agent a larger discount, otherwise, it will be less. In addition, there are questions about franchise or margin. This usually has a lot to do with the brand's popularity, and it is a guarantee for the brand image, so different brands will have different requirements for this.

To personally inspect the strength of the company headquarters

Support for agents at home textile companies is also crucial. Especially when you decide to represent an emerging brand, how much sales you have is more relevant to the success of the home textile company's promotional activities. Second, we must ensure that the home textile company has a stable delivery rate for you. In addition, to understand that home textile companies will have several quarters of ordering meetings each year. Knowing this also deepens your understanding of the strength of home textile companies. (Violet Violet Home Textiles)

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