Wear old underwear will accelerate the female body aging

The average woman knows that the quality is slightly better underwear , the price is generally more expensive. A random survey of 1,000 women in Japan aged 20 to 50 found that nearly 50% of women were "reluctant" to discard their underwear, which they bought at high prices.

However, women's bodies are subject to change from time to time, especially the chest, which can easily change with changes in physiology and changes in body weight. Once the body weight is reduced, the bust is the most shrinking place. In addition, with the body aging, bought underwear a few years ago may not be suitable for the body now, barely wearing only to the body cause discomfort or even pain.

From Feng Shui's point of view, the legend says "women will absorb the good fortune born in the fabric into the body," so long-wearing old underwear will also block their romance. Of course, this is a superstitious statement.

The average life span of a bra is only one year

Allegedly, the average life expectancy of the bra only use about 100 times. If the bra for three days for a change, then bra life is only one year. As the bra often embroidered with beautiful patterns, the price is quite expensive, reluctant to throw the majority of women, so do not throw, you have to do a check on the performance of the bra.

Check the bra two keywords: "iron ring" and "shoulder strap"

An important option for choosing a bra is the iron ring inside the bra. If the iron ring can be placed just below the chest, it will not only support a tall and straight chest but also will not cause any tightening or uncomfortable feeling to women. However, after the permanent bra, the cleaning process is also easy to distort the iron ring, long-term wear such a bra will only hurt the chest. You can do a simple bra check as follows:
1, find a flat place to spread the bra well;
2, the perspective adjusted to the main view instead of the top view, observe the bra iron ring is attached to the plane, whether there is part of the tilt away from the plane;
3, if the brassiere part of the ferrule tilt away from the plane, then the iron circle has been distorted, this bra should be discarded, to buy a new bra.

In addition, if the shoulder strap no matter how short will still be loose, but also a sign of aging bra, poor quality.

Check the underwear keyword: "rubber band stretching"

Panties if long-term use, but also to the female body will cause harm. Check whether the most important change underwear is to observe the elasticity of rubber bands, rubber bands have lost flexibility? In addition, the edge of each panty line head out? If you find that loss of scalability, or underwear looks bleaching, take the thread, then underwear has been replaced.

Metal Bookmarks
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Metal Bookmarks

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