What is the jade Guanyin pendant?

What is the jade Guanyin pendant? Jade Goddess Pendant is a kind of jewelry made of jade sculpture into Guanyin form. The accessories worn on the neck are mainly used for praying for peace, calming mind and beauty.

The more men wear Guanyin, it is to make men less cruel and violent, more compassionate and soft like Guanyin, naturally they have to pay attention to the sound of peace and peace, the ice-like Guanyin texture is transparent, won the majority of fans like it.

Long-term wear is beneficial to health, and the trace elements released by jade can play a health care role. As early as 2,000 years ago, our people used jade for medical care. Such as "Compendium of Materia Medica", "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" and other ancient medicines and classics have been recorded: jade has "except for heat, run the heart and lungs, help the throat, nourish the hair, raise the five internal organs, peace of mind, blood circulation, eyes and ears", etc. Treatment; there are 106 kinds of jade used for internal and external treatment. Jade, the most popular accessory jewelry today, can be rich in gold, and Daiyu can keep it safe. Who doesn't want to be safe with their family? Jade is the most valuable of the jade family. Since ancient times, jade has been hailed as auspicious and sinister; it symbolizes rights and wealth, noble and pure, elegant and luxurious, and happy. Scientifically determined, jade contains many elements that are beneficial to the human body. When worn, it will be absorbed by the body, so that the trace elements of the human body can be balanced, thus functioning as a disease. The ancients said: "Junzi Yu does not go to the body too!"

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