What is the meaning of the jade bracelet?

In recent years, the jade hand has been favored by many women who love beauty. The jade bracelet is not only beautiful in appearance but also rich in meaning. And the meaning of different jade bracelets is different, so whether you are wearing it for yourself or as a gift to a friend, you must choose the most suitable meaning bracelet.

In ancient times, the nephews in the harem were boring and lonely, so most of the nephews believed in Buddhism. They prayed and wore jade bracelets all day long. At that time, the jade bracelet was mostly made of 18 jade beads, and sometimes two more tourmalines were used as embellishments. Jade bracelet The beads in the middle are also called "child", so the scorpion wearing the jade bracelet is praying for the emperor's favorite to emperor the dragon to consolidate his position in the harem.

The road jade bracelet is made of jade beads like beer barrels. Since these beads can roll freely on the chain, the road jade bracelet has a smooth sailing, all the meanings, the road worn with red rope. Lutong Jade Zhuzi has a good fortune, and the meaning of time to run. Because everyone is inevitably frustrated in their lifetime, Lulutong is suitable for everyone to wear, it can drive away bad luck, even in the low valley of your life can be blessed to minimize losses.

There is also a jade bracelet called the Fu Lu Shou Jade Bracelet. The color of this bracelet is usually purple, green, and cyan. The name of Fu Lu Shou Jade Bracelet comes from the legend of Fu Lu Shou Samsung, which is circulated in the world. Fu Lu Shou Samsung can bless the longevity and the five blessings, so the Fu Lu Shou Jade bracelet is the most gift for the elderly. Good choice.

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