Where to buy a new autumn low? Wulanchabu Victory Square pedestrian street first floor Mummy Star specials

The "Meng baby" Tim new clothes it! Jining Victoria Plaza Pedestrian Street, in order to repay our customers friends! Mummy Star sales 3.8 fold up the audience! Mommy Star "from the United States, is the famous children's clothing brand in Europe and the United States market. Its main design service object is 90cm-160cm tall middle-aged children .Every costume is strongly appeal to" fashion, environmental protection, health, happiness, playful "All the products are made of high-quality cotton knitted, woven fabrics, fine cut, fine workmanship, flexible use of lively bright colors combined with the popular color, both close to children naive side, but also has a sense of fashion, very With the style of modern school of faction, the retail price is suitable for medium and high grade domestic and international consumption, which fully reflects the attraction and affinity of "Mummy Star" .According to the psychological characteristics, aesthetic taste, behavior pattern, pursuit of individuality, As well as the latest international leisure children's fashion elements to master the "love in the stars, the United States in the heart of" the brand philosophy if each child is a small star, Mummy's Star willing to use sincerity and enthusiasm propped them up A love of the clear sky, so that each of them scintillation of the most brilliant, most touching glory! We will be devoted to children, mother , Daddy's favorite children's clothes! Content: New autumn a 50% off two 4.5 fold, part 3.8 fold Activity time: September 1, 2015-September 30 Activity address: Wulanchabu Jining District Victoria Street Pedestrian Street Mummy Star special sale

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