Wigs make hairstyles as simple as changing clothes

New Year changes, starting from scratch


The most popular pear head this winter


Cute hair bag, simple fashion


Wavy roll


BOBO head

Everyone likes to ask for a "good color" during the Spring Festival. Let's start from scratch and make a new look! Envying the Korean-style eyebrows with a flowing and shiny Korean roll? I think they are like a fairy, the hair is so soft and so smooth? Don't be stupid, now Korean girls love wigs . Nowadays, this trend of online shopping wigs has become popular in the world. Perhaps the exquisite hairstyle of the next beautiful girl who passed by you is the quality product of the wig shop. Heartbeat? Come and see which hairstyle you like below.

● Overall wig

I want to cut short hair, I don’t want to be hot, I want to straighten it, I want to straighten it, I have to make a haircut for several hundred yuan, and the hot dye will hurt the hair. Then buy a few wigs online, long and short rolls straight to your mood. Wearing a wig is not difficult. First fix the hair on the head with a clip, then put on the overall wig. The reporter personally feels like wearing a hat. Online stores range in price from sixty yuan to two hundred and three hundred yuan.

Pear head: Wen Xiaoqiao

Elegant and lovely, there is a feminine feeling of everyone, and a gentle and capable female charm. It is rumored that a Japanese model called Ewha cut a bangs head and put on the cover of a fashion magazine. The thick bangs and the haircuts of the shoulders and hairs were popular. The hair stylist also warns the girl who loves beauty. The pear head is thicker, and even if it is not particularly large, it must not be too small, otherwise it will not produce any effect.

Fortunately, we have super-good hair wigs, goose egg face, inverted triangle face, long face, round face... No matter what face type you can try, create a pure style! The sweet and lovely pear head shape is also changeable. In the choice of Liu Hai, you can choose a thick Qi Liuhai, or you can choose a slanting bangs.

Retro BOBO head: sexy and playful

The BOBO head has been popular since it was worn by Fan Bingbing. The key to the hairstyle is the curvature of the bangs and the curvature of the hair on both sides, which can well modify the face. The whole head looks round, very cute, and with some sexiness.

Put on the retro BOBO head, draw fine eyeliner, red lips, and immediately have a retro temperament, my boyfriend will change your eyes for your eyes.

Wavy roll: romantic elegance

No matter how the trend changes, long curly hair is always the most feminine. Gorgeous and elegant big curly hair with a long bangs in the middle, it is a perfect match, big waves of curly hair in the wind, full of romance. With linen or light yellow, you can also turn into a "fashion leader" while adding elements.

This hairstyle borrows a curly hair and overflows with a happy, happy happiness. With this scent, you can quickly render it to your friends and relatives during the holiday season.

If you are a short-haired beauty, wearing this wig, you will immediately appear in a variety of styles, with Bohemian-style clothing, giving a romantic feeling.

●Local wig articles

In many idol dramas, the soft-hearted bangs and the cute buns are all used in half wigs. Compared with the full set of wigs, the price is more close to the people, only twenty or thirty yuan.

Flower head: ageing pink

Japanese girl's favorite head is "Flower Taro", very cute and very pink, and looks young and young. How do you look good? Of course, the flowers are bigger, fluffy and full. You can buy a flower wig wig, pay attention to the color as close as possible to your own hair, tie up the pony tail and tie it up, it looks naturally "realistic."

Qi Liuhai: Baby face is also suitable

Who said that the round face MM can not stay with Liu Hai, this year's most popular thick Qi Liu is super suitable for the baby face MM Oh, this kind of thick bangs makes the eyes look more radiant, the whole person is more lovely.

Now the wig has also launched a variety of bangs, Qi Liuhai, oblique bangs you can have at the same time! It should be noted that in order to "shadow the eyes and ears", it is best to wear a slightly wider headband, and the hat can also be used, so that the fake bangs are not easy to see through.

Influx online shopping experience:

Wigs are like earrings

Netizen kiko is a fashionista with more than a dozen wigs, which are basically online shopping. Compared with physical stores, online styles can always come out with magazines, idol dramas or the most "tidal" hairstyles on the streets of Korea.

Kiko, the "tidal girl" also had a missed time. When I bought a wig, I found it inappropriate and I had to give it to my friend. Kiko said that many of her "Titles" like to use wigs. In their eyes, this fashion wig is just like a necklace and earrings.

●How to choose articles

Choosing a wig depends on each person's age, face, and size. Generally speaking, the egg-shaped face is suitable for wearing any style of hair. People with a fat face are not suitable for wearing long hair, and those with a face of a melon can choose a long hair. The person with a delicate face can choose Liu Haier's long hair. In addition, people with large faces should not use wavy curls, but should choose vertical hair wigs. Women who are thin and thin should choose a small hair style to avoid top-heavy. For tall women, the hairstyle should be wider.

Maintenance method: Neutral shampoo, soak for about 3 minutes, gently wash, and finally dry. When the wig is not used for a long time, it should be put into the box or the plastic head after the cleaning, and should not be folded or clipped in the clothes.

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