Yang Ying VS Song Zhixiao China and South Korea "Run Male" goddess's clothes PK

Ben Wang reported on November 13th that the “Running Brothers” that had been “transplanted” from Korea’s popular variety show “Running Man” to China was launched on the Internet. The goddesses standing in the greenery are naturally compared. Among the Korean runners, Song Chih-hyun, in his capacity as the sole female host, was impressed with the enthusiasm of the hard-working Sanniang. The Chinese version of the running man did not show weakness, the goddess Angelababy shook off the identity of the goddess, performed bravery in the game, and was praised by netizens as "real man." "Man" in the "man" Angelababy resembles a copy of the "Running Man" Big Sister Song Zhixiao, two goddess of clothes Who is more like?

Yang Ying: High waist dress shows


Angelababy particularly likes to wear a high-waisted dress with a mop to walk red carpet, highlighting the noble and elegant temperament, while also stretching the long legs, so that the body ratio looks better. In addition, Yang Ying often chooses colorful dresses so that she can always be the focus. She will also choose the appropriate hairstyle and dress, so that the overall shape of temperament unity, a lot of extra points. In general, it is not difficult for Angelababy to show the amazing goddess.

Song Zhixiao: Exquisite Short Skirts


On the other hand, Song Chih-hsiao chose to cut more tailored skirts with a simple style and simple style. With fish-mouthed shoes, the mature temperament instantly overflowed. Different from the high-pitched color of Angelababy, Song Chih-hsiao prefers the classic black and white, and the change in hairstyle is also relatively low, bringing a low-key and reserved charm, while at the same time losing the gas field, emitting his own unique personality.

【Jacket Shawl】


There is always a feeling of handsomeness in the girl's coat shawl. Although both Song Zhixiao and Angelababy have had such a style, the choice of colors, styles of makeup included, and hairstyles are different, and the style of interpretation is also different. Song Chih-hsien's camel-colored jacket took a dark green jacket and skirt, quite a bit of big sister's gas field. And Angelababy's black jacket takes a white dress, full of atmosphere OL range.

【White Skirt】


The black and white shapes are common to Song Chih-hsiao. The white skirts are simple and fresh, accompanied by black belts to instantly enhance the grades. Irregular skirts also enhance the uniqueness of the shape. Angelababy in this group also chose a white skirt with a black belt, but her style is more lively and lovely, embellished with a pink flower at the chest, a ribbon tied into a bow, Dior pink printed handbags, white pointed high heels, and even her hairstyle. No place does not reveal the youthful vigor of the little girl and the princess' gracefulness.

[Airport Modeling]


Goddess on the red carpet has been meticulously dressed, big-name added, beautiful flowers, but in everyday life can maintain the image of the goddess, is the true goddess. Song Chih-hsiao appeared in black at the airport. Leather jacket with skinny jeans and ankle boots was handsome and capable. Angelababy white suit with black pants, pure and lovely, taking pictures at the airport did not forget to find a good angle. (Cooperative Media: Zuyun Nipper Women's Shoes Backgammon Shoes)

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