Yi Wei women new metamorphosis fashion change life

To different beautiful, different themselves in the end, so that they have a new change, so that they also re-break once again. Yi Wei (EVEI) from China Taiwan continued to break its own, so that clothing has repeatedly de change, to lead: stylish, elegant, intellectual design, interpretation of the modern urban women's fashion, elegant, intellectual, love Chinese women Consumers love, fast with Yee (EVEI) with the change it.


Bold design style, loved by the public, a unique dress, dry crack lines highlight the personality design, highlighting unscrupulous self-confidence, self-confidence of a new era of women, nude color solid color design to enhance women's feminine sensual side, the new era Women's unyielding and Oriental women's soft perfect combination. Showing a modern woman's aesthetic.

25-45 years old, monthly income of more than 3000 in mature, stylish, intellectual secondary and tertiary urban women, they are fashionable, confident, self-reliance of a new era of women, is the mainstream of the times, they are brilliant career EVEI prance Strong support.

Deluxe Cotton Glove, riding horse gloves,Deluxe Hook and loop grip gloves

PU with Velcro closure around the cuff

All cotton with rubberized anti-slip dots on the palms

White and black color

Size: S, M, L, XL

With Velcro closure on cuff

Reinforced areas on the palms for heavier use with poles and rifles


Deluxe Gloves

Deluxe Gloves,Glove Deluxe Hand Gloves,Deluxe Cotton Gloves,White Deluxe Velcro Gloves

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